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Let's build the future of digital banking.

Project Finance partners with credit unions to build world-class digital banking experiences.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability



With the right partner, great things can happen

We take a unique approach to digital banking: we partner with you to build the experience you want for your members. Maybe that sounds crazy, but for too long credit unions have been left with off-the-shelf solutions that don't keep pace with the marketplace and evolving needs of members. We're changing that with a unique model to help you stand out from the crowd and future-proof your digital experience.


What we offer

Digital banking as we know it has changed. It’s no longer enough to simply facilitate member transactions; people expect their financial institution to be a true partner in their financial journey, providing direction, support and convenience along the way.  Project Finance empowers you to deliver on these expectations

All the features you've come to expect.

From basic account management to wellness tools and everything in between. Our platform incudes all the digital banking features you've come to expect.

Out of the box analytics and reporting.

Data and analytics to help you understand your members behaviors so we can design better experiences and better outcomes for your members.

Comprehensive administrative platform.

Setup users, customize controls, configure payment rules, password requirements and more. With your personalized command center you are in control.

Continuous collaboration and support.

Your digital platform shouldn't stop growing and improving after implementation. Your dedicated implementation team will continue to develop against our shared roadmap.

100+ customizable features and components.

We built our digital banking platform to be customizable out of the box. Leverage our features with your own unique rules and customizations, build new functionality on top of ours, and more.

What Some of Our Partners Say

"The flexibility is like nothing I’ve experienced with a vendor; where typically I am boxed into a white label product, we are afforded the opportunity to truly partner with Project Finance and build the experience right alongside them."

Lauren Heerlein


"Working with Project Finance has advanced and elevated our goals with the innovation and mental acuity of their team fueling great ideas and operational excellence."

Aimee Sundstrom


Our growing list of integrations.

As a digital banking provider, it's our job to assemble the eclectic mix of third-party partners that provide value-added services to your members. We prefer partners that offer API-based solutions so we can ensure your experiences remain consistent. Here are some of the vendors we work with today.


Industry leading app store ratings.

We are deeply committed to delivering an exceptional user experience. Our focus on intuitive design and seamless functionality has delighted users and garnered us outstanding ratings within both app stores. We're proud to say that our attention to the user experience has made us one of the highest-rated apps in our category, a testament to our continuous effort to exceed user expectations.


average app store rating


Let's start building your new digital banking experience.

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